3 de febrero de 2011

Does money manupulate art?

Does Money manipulate galleries?
Do galleries manipulate artists?
Do artist manipulate art?

Why do artists allow themselves to be manipulated?
Why do artists allow their work to be translated into money values?
Why can’t artists be independent of gallery-fabricated trends?
Because the gallery provides their only means of subsistence from
     their work?

What does the artist want besides subsistence?
Is the artist’s final goal money?
If not, what is it?
Love? Fame (i.e. temporary notoriety)? Inmortality?

Does artist care what anybody thinks about his work?
Does the artist care if anybody understands his work?
Who is the artist’s public?
Other artists?
Critics? Curators? Dealers? Collectors?
Everybody else?

How much fame does an artist need? One year? Ten years? The top 10?
       The top 40?
How much fame can an artist take?
How much of an artist can fame take?
Is fame limited to saleability?
Is fame better than immortality?
Can immortality be a valid goal in a nuclear age?
Can immortality be bought? Simulated?

What are the steps to immortality?
Studio-gallery-publicity-reproduction-private collection-public museum?
Which of these steps are really necessary?
Is being in museums enough for an artist?
Is being in galleries enough for an artist?
Is the gallery with its monetary basis a natural vehicle for art?

Does artists love their dealers because they do their dealing?
Do dealers love their artists or do they love the money they make
         From art and artists?
Is art making love to oneself, to another, to others?

Is art a career (career = “highway, a running from or to, carting, carrying”)
Is a career carousing?
Are galleries pimps for carousing artists cruising immortality?

Are galleries selling art or selling artists?
Are Collectors buying art or buying artists?
Are collectors collecting art or collecting commodities?
Is art an investment? A social status symbol? Decoration? Fashion?

Art artists in galleries making art or commodities?
If there were no art market would artists would artists make art?
Should art look valuable, cheap, or priceless?
Is art that’s worth money commercial art?
Is commercial art aspire to immortality?

Is art that’s worth a lot of money worth more than other art?
Is it worth a lot of money because its better than other art?
Should art be sold? Should art be given away?
Should society support artists so they can give away their art?
Should all human beings support al human beings?

Should art be free?
Can artists be free?

JUNE 1969.
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